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Giovanni Ristorante Italiano

If an Italian Malibu restaurant sounds like something you might like, then you will certainly want to check out Giovanni Ristorante Italiano. This hot spot of Italian cuisine offers plenty of delicious menu items for a relatively reasonable price.

Visitors to the location might be hesitant by the small and humble appearance that this Malibu restaurant holds, but just like the food at Giovanni Ristorante Italiano, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised. Inside, you are going to find it is well kept and the cozy atmosphere helps to keep things light and comfortable.

Giovanni Ristorante Italiano

Dishes here range from a simple potato, sauce and sausage mixture, to other menu options that tend to be typical Italian fare, such as pasta and Gnocchi. In fact, one of the more interesting features about this location is there is a full Gnocchi bar that is located here. If you are not aware of what these are, in the most basic of terms, they are a style of Italian dumpling that contains potatoes and flour.

Another item of interest for most people will be the fact that they are able to eat here on a budget as well. While many of the Malibu restaurant locations will have high priced menus, Giovanni Ristorante Italiano offers an exceptional value for the items that they offer. That is one reason why many of the locals in the area seek it out for all their dining needs.

Reservations, although not required are strongly encouraged. This is especially the case on weekends as it can become pretty crowded and due to the limited seating it has you can expect to have a little wait before your dinner. Although, you do need to know that they only allow a small percentage of their seating to have a reservation attached to it.

On average, you can expect to spend about $15 on an entrée at this establishment. Of course it will depend on what you end up selecting. Since you can choose from small portions or large ones, you really have control over the amount of food you receive as well. Although, a small helping is still quite a bit of food and you should take that into consideration when you are ordering your meal.

There are of a number of choices you will have for a Malibu restaurant, but none of them will have the charm and comfort that you will find at Giovanni Ristorante Italiano. Be sure you take the time to experience all the different items that they can offer you here and consider it as one of the dining choices you have the next time you are out eating in the Malibu area. You are certain to be pleased with the meal and the value you received for your money.

Giovanni Ristorante Italiano Address & Information

Giovanni Ristorante Italiano
22235 Pacific Coast Highway #E
Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: 310-317-6769
Type of Cuisine – Italian
Dress Code -Business Casual

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