Look Stunning at the Beach | Malibu Beaches

To look beautiful at the beach in Malibu, you need to feel beautiful. Walk with confidence. Hold your head high and smile. Smiling people always look more attractive. Behave as if you are beautiful and you will be. Following these tips will make sure you look stunning at the beach.

Buy a tan

It is dangerous to tan in the sun. You risk skin cancer, and that sun burnt, red, raw, and peeling skin looks terrible for those with fair skin. Instead, consider a fake tan. Airbrushing is the safest method and is available at tanning salons everywhere. Sunset Tan may be worth a phone call and appointment!

If you prefer, you can buy a tanning lotion and apply this yourself. Ask a friend to help you and practice the application a few times to avoid streaks or an uneven application, before hitting the beach.

Have a pedicure

Bare toes are on display at the beach. Nicely cut and freshly polished toenails are attractive. Choose a soft pastel nail polish to compliment your new tan.

Invest in a fabulous new hairstyle

A professional haircut and color is preferable. Be subtle with your color change. Use blonde highlights to accentuate fair to medium colored hair. Your hair will look as if the sun has gently bleached it. Choose foils or streaks to provide a natural look at the beach.

If your normal hair color is dark, choose an all-over color first, such as auburn. Add blonde foils or streaks for a sun-bleached effect.

Choose new beachwear

Be sure that a bikini suits your figure, before purchasing. To look great in a small bikini, you need small breasts. If you have a fuller figure, choose a bikini with a halter-top. The halter-top will help keep your breasts in place. If necessary, buy a top with wide straps for extra support. If you have large thighs, try “boy leg” bottoms, as this style is more slimming.

A two-piece swimsuit flatters a larger figure

Tone down the bold, bright, printed tops with plain dark bottoms.

A sarong is a wonderful accessory

Sarongs add impact to your fashion statement at the beach. If you have a fuller figure, choose a larger sarong. A low-cut sarong can make your belly flop over the top of the sarong, which is not an attractive look. A longer length sarong tied at the waist detracts attention from your belly and gives your legs a prettier look. Stroll confidently along the beach wearing a lovely light sarong.

A good pair of sunglasses is essential

Choose sunglasses that suit your face. The shape of your sunglasses can make an amazing difference to your appearance. Glasses with round lenses, for example, make a round face look even chubbier. Wrap-around sunglasses look stylish and offer better protection from the sun. There’s plenty of places in Malibu to buy a pair of sunglasses if you don’t own a good pair.

Protect your skin

Buy a good sunscreen. Make sure you read the label on your chosen sunscreen and apply as directed. You should reapply the sunscreen several times during the day to ensure full protection .Choose a higher SPF rating, such as 15 or 30, as this offers more defense against the sun. Applying sunscreen now will help prevent facial wrinkles later in life.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your time at the beach. A happy, self-confident person always looks good. Your friends will be surprised when they see the new you. Tanned, well groomed, and beautifully clothed, you will be a knockout at the beach.

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